A new fence surrounds the property of The Bethlehem Center in the Alton Park Community.

But not everyone is happy about it. 

The Bethlehem Center's Director says the fence was put up to help protect the youth, and keep rambunctious teens away.

But some community leaders say it's an eyesore. They contacted Channel 3 for answers. 

The fence is six feet tall with barbwire. 

Leaders inside say it's to protect the kids who come here, but others argue its keeping some away. 

Gill Schrophsire lives near The Bethlehem Center and says the facility's newest addition isn't popular with neighbors. 

He's worried the six foot fence was put up to keep teens away from the center that's known for helping young people.

But Interim Executive Director David Meredith says that's not the case. 

He says the barbwire is meant to deter crime and keep the youth who come here safe.

Meredith says there's been an increase in criminal activity around the center. 

Community leaders say they wish they had the opportunity to help address the crime before the fence went up.. 

Meredith says The Bethlehem Center called a community wide meeting, 

But only one person showed up so they moved forward with the $16,000 project that stands on private property.