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Local outdoors man reacts to Cecil the Lion killing outrage

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"Anything can be put up and ran with on Facebook or Twitter nowadays and we see people all the time take what they read on social media as being the Gospel, " says Ooltewah's Justin Medley, who considers himself a responsible outdoors man who questions some of the reportage in the wake of the death of Cecil the Lion.

The ensuing social media firestorm has put Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer from big game hunter, to the hunted.
Cecil's supposed trigger man has now gone into hiding, temporarily closing his practice amid protesters after his admits killing Zimbabwe's prized lion.

"This is an emotional reaction, anytime anybody hears about a lion that is so well known that its got a name to it so yeah, there's going to be an emotional reaction to it and a lot of this hate you see and the negative comments to hunters and this particular hunter I think it is a quick emotional response you're getting out of people," says the former President of the Chattanooga Bass Association.

Medley wants to give Palmer the benefit of doubt as he's being tried and convicted in the court of social media.

Medley says proposed bans on big game hunting would do more harm than good, for both wildlife and their human neighbors. 

"International hunters who travel to these African countries represent the number one cash crop in these African countries. What they do for these economies, what they do for these villages , what they do for these species is a very noble thing."

Two Zimbabweans, a professional hunter and the land owner where the lion was killed have already been criminally charged. Police in Zimbabwe say they are looking for Palmer, who has issued a statement saying he will assist local wildlife management officials with their investigation. 

One online petition wants Palmer extradited back to the African nation to face potential charges of poaching.

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