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2015 fire cadets practice saving lives

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Chattanooga Firefighters intentionally set an East Brainerd home on fire Wednesday afternoon for training. 

The home was actually donated to the city, so 2015 fire cadets could practice saving lives. 

"We're here to protect the citizens of Chattanooga so we're trying to get in there, get you out and save your home," said Preston Binegar, Firefighter. 

2015  Chattanooga fire cadets are learning how to ventilate, fight, and extinguish fire this week through a  series of live burns.

Fire Training Chief Phil Hyman describes the atmosphere inside of a two story smoke-filled home, where the fire instructors are teaching their recruits about search and rescue

"It's thick heavy black smoke its typically from the ceiling to the floor and visibility is almost zero every time," said Training Chief Phil Hyman, Chattanooga Fire Dept. 

"A lot hotter than what you think even when your not in full gear, it's still pretty hot," said Xavier Marshall, 2015 Fire Cadet. 

Because of the toxic fumes burning. The primary cause of death for victims of indoor fire is smoke inhalation. 

Meaning firefighters have only minutes to find and get you out safely. For practice, firefighters must locate dummy victims hidden through out the house.

"It's kind of surreal you really can't see anything from me to you its a lot darker than you think. But I just try to calm down, keep calm, control your heartbeat and remember that this is what we train for," said Marshall.

This home was donated to the city for fire training purposes. It's owners tell Channel 3, they wanted to help the fire department save lives. 

"Since my mom has MS we were going to make it wheelchair accessible, but it wasn't going to work out. It's sad to see it go down but this is the best way to do it," said Taylor Tipton, Homeowners 

"It's hard and you see what firemen go through everyday I'm thankful for them, thankful for what they do for us," said Tipton.

Fire officials say the donated home will be burned to the ground Friday.

There are 21 recruits in the 2015 cadet class, The fire cadets will graduate this September. 

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