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Trailer Park residents now waterless for a week

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"They told us last Wednesday that the water would be back on Thursday, and it still ain't back on," says LaFayette's Lavoid Williams, who would be more "steamed" about his current situation, if he only had water.

Instead, he and the remaining residents who call the Pear Pines Mobile Home Park home have been without residential water service now for a week and counting.

Williams says he and his girlfriend pay $400 a month for rent which is supposed to include water and garbage service. But instead, they say they get lip service from the supposed resident caretakers.

Channel 3 spoke to the maintenance men on duty who declined comment and refused to give any contact information for the ownership group of the trailer park. 

"About all this trailer park is trouble," sighs Williams.

LaFayette Police Captain Stacey Meeks agrees about the trailer park's ongoing troubles,

"We've had over 26 incidents that required police intervention at the property, out of those 26 we've had 20 incident reports," says Meeks of this year's police calls so far to the trailer park, which has seen better days and more residents.

Captain Meeks says the last major police incident there involved another on site manager, who allegedly pulled a gun on a late paying tenant.

"He subsequently barricaded himself in one of the trailers, his trailer that he was inhabiting, and he failed to respond to a police request that he come to the door. So we ended up having to activate our SWAT team and use gas to get him out," says Meeks of the November 2013 confrontation.

According to LaFayette's utility officials, the trailer park's owner currently is more than $6,200 in arrears for water service.

We have been able to identify the current owner as Quality of Life Investments LLC of Miami, Florida.

Online records list Gene Fernandez as the company's president.

LaFayette Police say Fernandez was the residential manager who required the SWAT call back in 2013.

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