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BBB Alert: Door to Door Marine Corps Solicitors

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The BBB serving Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia has been notified that a door to door solicitation to support Marines serving in active combat areas is active in North Georgia neighborhoods. 

The approach locally is emotional based on the recent military tragedy that occurred at the Naval Operations Support Center. 

The solicitor is representing Care Pax Unlimited located in Gaithersburg, MD. 

The web page shows that this is a for profit business. The business model packages (Pax) for Military, Weddings & Anniversaries, Students and Baby showers. 

The door to door solicitor appeal is support of military. The person is wearing Marine tee shirts. 

BBB warns there are many Red Flags in this solicitation.
1)    Donation request is typically $40  Cash Only
2)    Solicitor is aggressive; suggest that all neighbors are donating
3)    Failure to provide appropriate identification. 
4)    Grade Rating of “D” on the BBB - Failure to respond to consumer Complaints

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