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Bradley Co. mother tells Channel 3: "My son was not stalking any police officer"

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Marline White talks about her son who attacked a deputy and was fatally shot. photo Marline White talks about her son who attacked a deputy and was fatally shot. photo

A Bradley County deputy is recovering at her home after a scuffle with an alleged attacker that turned deadly.

The sheriff says his deputy had no choice but to use deadly force, saying 23-year-old Allan White III tried strangling her. But White's mother says that's not in her son's character. She thinks he was in the neighborhood to seek a place to spend the night at his brother's girlfriend's mother's house two doors down from Oakley. 

"Floored, devastated, hoping, thinking it was some horrible mistake," said Allan White's mother Marline White.

Marline White will never again see her son Allan, and neither will his young boys ages 5, 2 and 1.

White is the 23-year-old Bradley County man shot and killed by Deputy Tiffany Oakley Tuesday morning. Sheriff Eric Watson said Oakley found White hiding in the shadows of her property around 2 a.m.

"At this time we have no idea what the man was stalking her house for," Watson told Channel 3 hours after the shooting Tuesday.

Ed Ramsey, spokesperson for the sheriff's department, said there was no new information to pass along Wednesday morning. The TBI is now handling the investigation.

White's mother is adamant that it's a case of wrong place, wrong time. She speculates her son was crouched down and hiding from the deputy, not stalking her.

"My son was not stalking any police officer," White said. "I believe he was going to a house next door that was my youngest son's girlfriend's mom's house. I believe he was going to either ask to stay there the night or take him to his brother."

Watson said White tried strangling his deputy and that she did everything by the book when she resorted to deadly force. Channel 3 obtained the preliminary autopsy report that shows White died after being shot in his abdomen and his left thigh. He died at a local hospital, according to officials.

"She was very in fear of her life, scared to death, and she had to do what she had to do to be living right now," Watson said Tuesday. "They rode around on the ground awhile. He actually put his hands on her throat and face to try and strangle her."

Oakley first used her stun gun during the "scuffle" which carried over into more than one backyard in the neighborhood. But the former high school football player was 6'2, 250 pounds and the stun gun did not effectively bring him down.

"He ran from police, not at police," she said.

Channel 3 found White did run from police when he got a resisting arrest charge in 2010. His criminal history shows several arrests from marijuana to assault. And he died with one misdemeanor and three active felony warrants: Violation of Probation, Capias/Failure to Appear Felony, Failure to Appear Felony and Domestic Violence/Simple Assault (misdemeanor). 

"My son was not a bad boy and I just want people to know that he was not stalking any police officer," she said. "I think he was just looking for a place to stay that night with his brother."

The TBI is continuing its investigation. Oakley is on paid administrative leave per policy, and Watson says she'll be given as much time as needed. 

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