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Hundreds pay tribute, say thanks to USN PO2 Randall Smith

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They came to honor, pay tribute and say thanks to Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith. 

Those that make up this crowd are from all ages and backgrounds coming in by the bus load, their own feet or by two wheels. 

Charlie Miller waited hours to give Smith a final salute on horseback.

“They’ve done nothing but devote their lives to serving our community and protecting the United States,” she said. 

Inside the gates of the Chattanooga National Cemetery hundreds gathered to remember the 26 year old’s life and not what took it from him. 

The Ohio native, with his wife Angie, adopted Ft. Oglethorpe as their home raising three beautiful little girls.

He helped victims of Hurricane Sandy rebuild their lives and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank restock their shelves. 

He loved serving in the Navy but he had bigger dreams as well as he was working on his degree in hospital administration. 

The lives and service of Chattanooga’s fallen heroes have united people across the Tennessee Valley and beyond, even those outside of the military like Grace Key. 

“It’s very dear to my heart. I have a lot of friends who have military families and I don’t even know if I’m strong enough to be a military family. It takes a lot just from the firefighter community. We wanted to come together to show our support,” she said. 

A small testament of the immeasurable impact these five heroes made not only in our area, but around the world. 

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