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DASHCAM VIDEO: Chattanooga shooter shown in April DUI

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(WSMV) - The City of Chattanooga released dash cam video of a DUI arrest on April 20. The driver was Mohammad Abdulazeez, the man who opened fire on two military sites, killing four Marines and one sailor.

The footage shows Abdulazeez weaving between lanes and driving slowly. In a police report, officers wrote he had been driving 10 miles below the speed limit.

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When Chattanooga Police stopped Abdulazeez, they asked if he had been drinking.  He later told officers he had been around friends who were smoking marijuana.

Officers also noticed a white substance near the man's nostrils. Abdulazeez told police he had snorted caffeine pills that night. Later in a police report, officers noted Abdulazeez's slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, as well as an odor "commonly associated with an alcoholic beverage and...burnt marijuana." 

Both before and after the arrest, Abdulazeez said he had started a "new job" in Nashville. He told officers he had been commuting from Nashville to his parents' home in Chattanooga, which resulted in getting two to three hours of sleep every night.

After conducting a few field sobriety tests, officers arrested Abdulazeez.

In June, Chattanooga Police issued Abdulazeez a citation after his car collided with a fence. Abdulazeez and a friend had reportedly been arguing in his car, according to an incident report. When the friend exited the vehicle, Abdulazeez also jumped out of the car, assuming it was in "park." The car then rolled backward into the fence, according to the report. No injuries were reported.

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