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"He is and always will be forever in our hearts."

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Those who came to pay their respects to U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd class Randall Smith Tuesday, lined much of the 28 mile procession with their flags in hand.

People of all ages and backgrounds said they just wanted to show Smith's family -- they're not alone.

"To just honor them with our silence and our prayers, it was beautiful," said Susie Alvarez 

"When we heard they were coming this way and we just wanted everybody to see it and remember what happened and remember that were all in it together," said Tracy Cornelius off of Holtzclaw Ave. 
As his hearse passed by there were moments of silence and prayer. In the silence, many said they could feel this community saying, "thank you for your service and your sacrifice."

"I came out today to support our veterans and support our troops," said Vincent Carson. "They're out here protecting us an defending us, giving us the rights to be free in American. I'm out here to support them and everybody should be, these guys gave their lives for us. To be here and to be a part of this, is a very strong honor."

"My dad's a veteran and I'm an Army brat myself, so I feel for their families especially to be taken like that...It's not fair," said Alvarez. You need to be very proud of your dad, be very proud because he made the decision to serve this country and give his life. They need to be very very proud, he's a great man. He is and always will be forever in our hearts, Chattanooga strong."

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