Local business owner Parrish Walker is closing up shop tomorrow, he says it's not a day for business, but of remembrance of someone who gave everything.

For local businesses like Walker's Oak and More Furniture, heavy traffic is never a bad thing. The business has sat here on Lafayette Road for more than 20 years. "Through the week it can get slow. but it can get crazy," said owner, Parrish Walker.

For the first time, the store front will see people lining the streets. "There could be several thousand, I’d say would be out here just in this area," said Walker.

But this store won't be open for business and those in the crowds aren't looking to buy anything. "Just out of respect for the family and what's happened, it's a big deal," said Walker.

They're closing up shop, to raise a flag for Naval Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith.

"Everybody's got what they can do, everybody wants to feel a part of it since it is here," said Walker.

For Parrish Walker, Tuesday won't be about business or making money. "It's not about me, it's not about me at all," said Walker. "It's their day."

The business is also opening their parking lot to the first responder vehicles, since their store is next door to First Baptist of Fort Olgethorpe.