A South Carolina couple is charged with child neglect after the woman's children were discovered in wet clothes, dirty diapers and wandering around a parking lot. 

Early Saturday morning police were called to a local motel for an unresponsive male. When they arrived a witness told them two children, ages 2 and 3, were in the parking lot wandering around and had almost gotten run over.  When the witness took them back to their room, he saw an adult male unresponsive lying on the bed.  

When police entered the room they discovered a 5-month old boy laying beside the male. The room was in an extremely dirty and unfit for small children to live in. All three children were in wet clothes and dirty diapers.

After several attempts police were able to wake up the male, who identified himself as Christopher Rynn Patterson. He told police he'd had a few glasses of wine before falling asleep. 

Patterson said he had left the door unlocked which allowed the children to leave.  He told police he was not the dad, but their mother Kristin Holly Smith, 25, had left the children in his care around 5:00 p.m. and he had not seen her since. Police found her in a room down the hall. She was intoxicated tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.  

Patterson and Smith were arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail. 

Patterson is charged with child neglect. Smith is charged with child neglect or abuse.