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Wingo and Hineman Win The Mellow Yellow July Night Open C.B.A. Bass Tournament

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – The team of Barry Wingo and Jeff Hineman topped the field of 120 anglers catching a 5 bass limit weighing 29.72 pounds to win first place and $2,000.00 in The Mellow Yellow July Night  Open Bass Tournament. This tournament was held Saturday, July 25th, 2012, out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp. 

Barry said “It started out to be a slow night and at 1:00 a.m. we were considering just going home. We considered fishing a few more places and that is when we landed right on top of a school of huge bass.  We sat there and caught our fish in about 20 minutes, losing in the process, two giant bass that we hooked but jumped off”.

Barry Wingo and Jeff Hineman won the Denali big fish of the tournament with a super giant largemouth that weighed 9.40 pounds, good for 2 Denali rods and $100.00. 

Second big bass of the tournament was a nice 9.22 largemouth that was caught by Nick Chuba and Matt Dixson good for $100.00.

The team of Rocky and Harley Southerland were the highest finishers in the youth division, taking home a $25.00 iTunes Gift Card. 

Shane Frazier, President of Chattanooga Bass Association, said ”Special thanks to Mellow Yellow and associates for their sponsorship of this event”.

The top 11 are as follows:
1. Barry Wingo and Jeff Hineman 29.72 lbs. $2000
2. Tony Townsend and Galen James 28.72 lbs. $750
3. Shawn Lusk and Andy Lusk 26.72 lbs. $650
4. Steve Kite and Daniel Lewis 26.23 lbs. $550
5. Anthony Correll and Logan Kokoszka 24.61 lbs. $450
6. Bruce Day and Joe Gusan 24.24 lbs. $350
7. Chris Grant and Mike Looney 23.92 lbs. $300
8. Chuck James and Brad James 23.88 lbs. $250
9. John Musna and Paul Hobbs 23.47 lbs. $200
10. Nick Chuba and Matt Dixson 23.36 lbs. $200
11.Jim Kester and Jim Kester, Jr. 23.17 lbs. $150        

The next C.B.A. tournament will be held on August 15, 2015, out of Chester Frost Park. This event will be sponsored by The Island Cove Outdoor Center. 
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