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Chattanooga Strong not losing steam

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Bridget Chrismar brought her children to the Lee Highway Memorial. She missed staff Sgt. David Wyatt's funeral Friday but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell her children the story of his sacrifice.

“I mean they fight for us every day, our freedom, and I mean that's the least that we can do,” said Bridget Chrismar. 

The makeshift memorial has become the centerpiece to that story. On Sunday, many showed up to see it for the first time, saying prayers and placing flowers. Holly Kinsey expressed her gratitude with song lyrics. 

“One was from Toby Keith's American Soldier, and then one of the lines from the Marines hymn "And I’m proud to claim the title of the United States Marine,” said Holly Kinsey.

Just across the parking lot members of Highways and Hedges handed out water to those stopping by. The group plans to honor the family of U.S. Navy Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith. His funeral, scheduled for Tuesday, will be the last of five.

“We threw a bucket out there and in 2 hours and 12 minutes we were able to hand the family a little over $400,”said Jason Brown, Volunteer, Highways and Hedges Ministry.

Jason Brown hopes it all will give the family a little comfort during this difficult time.

“They were so appreciative. That family is an amazing family, the entire family, I wish it was more that we could do for them,” said Brown.

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