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Hundreds filled Finley Stadium for community photo to honor the fallen

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In an effort to show solidarity, US 101 and Channel 3 invited the public to take part in showing what #NoogaStrong is all about.

Hundreds filled Finley Stadium Saturday morning for a community photo to honor the fallen and celebrate what makes our community great.

As hundreds filled the Finley Field, the names of the fallen were read aloud.

"The picture itself, it's for everyone. It's not about US 101, it's certainly not about Channel 3 or any of us as individuals. I think this picture is representative of all of us. It's something we can all be a part of. It's something we can all be proud of," said Gator Harrison

 A giant black ribbon took shape, that could been seen from high in the sky.

"I think we've all seen whether it's a hashtag on Facebook or Twitter, we've seen t-shirts like this, we've seen billboards and signs of #NoogaStrong. But I think today's all about showing the world what #NoogaStrong really means," said Harrison. 

 At the heart of the community photo, a message of comfort to the families of those lost.

"I think that's why we're here today to show these families that there's no way to replace what's been taken from them, but to know that they're not alone, no matter how lonely they might feel," said Harrison

"We're very proud of our heroes and I've brought one balloon, for each of the fallen," said Irene Bailey.

Dan and Irene bailey say they're proud to be a part of such a strong show of support.

"It doesn't surprise us how supportive the Chattanooga community is and always has been," said Dan Bailey. 

A one-time Marine Reservist, Dan wants everyone to keep praying for the military, law enforcement, and the city.

"Continue to support your military and continue to support your Chattanooga Police Department," said Dan Bailey.

The photo taken today will be used in a "tribute commercial" that will soon air on Channel 3.

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