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Memorials for five fallen servicemen continue to grow

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Servicemen, including U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. David Wyatt were brutally shot and killed a week ago.The memorial made of crosses, flag and flowers continues to grow. People have left handwritten signs with messages of support. 

There were hundreds of people who lined the shoulders of Amnicola Highway. Many of those situating themselves where the grisly scene came to a climax.

The Naval Operations and Marine Reserve Center where the fallen five were all mortally wounded.

Channel 3 asked some of those who came to pay their final respects why they were so compelled to come out.

"I've had some family members who served in the military. My dad was a U.S. Marine and to have these soldiers that have risked their lives to stand up for the freedoms and rights that we have as U.S. citizens, you know to be here on our own soil and to be killed just doing a job like every other American who gets up for work, these soldiers were taken from us way before their time. Just only seems right that we come out and show the respect and honor we have for them," said  Tim Beliveau, Observed funeral procession. 

"The community is just blowing me away with the support they have shown, you know we brought our kids to the other memorial and I think its important to teach them how to mourn and pay your respects," said Stephanie Beliveau, Proud of Chattanooga. 

"I had an extra pair in my car that I wore in Iraq and I figured they need it more than I do," said Specialist Nathan Cooper, U.S. Army (Retired). 

"I just wish someone would contribute two more to complete the set. We wanted to bring them so they could understand whats going on and be part of this historic event to show our support and love for the families," said Cooper. 

"Its kind of crazy because nothing like this has happened in Chattanooga, in other places up north, its kind of weird," said Aaron Merryman, Showing support for the fallen.

"It's amazing how they did everything and stuff, its cool," said Arika Merryman, Impressed with turnout.  

And it can't be overstated just how many people came out in their show of support for Staff Sgt. Wyatt and the four who have yet to be laid to rest.

Easily, a few thousand lined Amnicola from the Dupont Parkway Exit to the Wilcox Avenue intersection, A moving sight to say the least..

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