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Thousands gather at Chattanooga National Cemetery to honor fallen Marine

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People gathered outside the Chattanooga National Cemetery hours before the funeral, to honor the life of Staff Sgt. David Wyatt. 

Channel 3 was along the route outside the cemetery and has the stories of the people who traveled hundreds of miles to be there. 

The crowd was silent as the hearse reached the entrance to the cemetery.

Many saluted, waved flags, and held their hands over their hearts as the procession drove by. 

With hands over their hearts, and flags in their hands, hundreds paid their respects to the man they've never met but call an American hero.

"I wanted to help in some way, and there is nothing I can do to take this mother's pain away," said Sandra Cooper, Former Navy Service Member. 

Sandra Cooper served in the Navy, she wanted to show her appreciation for Wyatt's service and sacrifice. 

"Never felt safe until i got on U.S. soil so it could have been me, and it could have been my family," said Cooper.

Gary Sweeney rode his motorcycle in the procession with an American flag attached to the back. 

He came from Charleston to ride with the Patriot Guard.

"Again it's a silent back drop, we are here to hold the flag in his honor," said Gary Sweeney. 

There were also a lot of children along the route.

Young Marines and Boy Scouts were also at the cemetery to welcome the procession. 

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