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Chattanooga Pipe Band honor fallen servicemen

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In the week that's passed, the memorial sites on Amnicola and Lee highway have continued to grow.

The city of Chattanooga Pipe Band was at the Amnicola site earlier Thursday, mourners paused as bag pipers and drummers played in honor of our fallen.

"Actually getting up close in front of everything, it was even more emotional than just seeing it on a phone looking at it," said Michael Brandon.

Michael Brandon and his family learned of what had happened while they were on vacation. 

He visited the memorials the day they got back.

On Thursday evening, with the crowd along Amnicola, to the sounds pipe and drum, he runs through the whole spectrum of feelings, again. 

Sadness for the victims, and the state of world affairs.
"It makes me feel very happy to live in such a wonderful area where everybody comes together at a time like this," said Brandon. 

This place and the recruitment center on Lee Highway, have been epicenters of emotion and reflection. Kimberly Evans is a Marine Corps wife and mother. Her husband once served in the same role as Gunny Sullivan, one of the fallen five.

"I have been dwelling and contemplating, we've all been hurt by it," Kimberly Evans. 

For parents and children, it's been an especially tough week. What happened is difficult to explain. 

"To them, it's a bad guy did something really bad. You know? Explaining to them exactly what's going on, it even gets emotional just explaining to them because you try to put it in their terms to where they understand, but it doesn't necessarily scare them to be in the area," said Evans. 

In place of fear, these sites are places of faith, healing, and strength.

A candlelight vigil is planned for Friday at the Lee Highway memorial at nightfall, those organizing the vigil plan to wear black t-shirts.

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