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Local man enlists after Chattanooga shooting

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It’s been one week since bullets shattered lives and windows in Chattanooga.

The right time for Jonathan Brown to enlist in the Army.

“I’m just ready to serve the greatest country in the world. I’d lay my life down for the country,” he said.

The 19 year old always wanted to serve in the military but his decision became clear when he learned of the attacks in his hometown.

“As soon as I saw it, it made my blood boil. It hits too close to home, 10 minutes from my house,” he added.

The shock grew deeper when brown learned who was responsible, a former teammate, 24 year old Muhommad Abdulazeez.

“Oh my God, I know that guy,” he said.

Brown says he went to Red Bank High School with the shooter where they were both on the wrestling team. Brown remembers Abdulazeez as a great wrestler.

“Every time I needed help getting a move down, he’d come over and help me,” he said.

Brown’s shock quickly turned to inspiration realizing his calling in life is to defend the country his loves.

“Once I saw the news, I was 100 percent ready to go as quick as possible,” he said.

Now he’s signing the dotted line, dedicating his life to the red, white and blue.

Brown is still waiting to find out when he leaves for basic training.

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