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Crowd gathers to honor victims during vigil

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More than 100 people gathered under the tall crosses at the Crossing Church Wednesday night to show support during this time of mourning.

Others came to remember, pay tribute and say thanks to the four Marines and one sailor slain in Thursday's rampage at a candlelight vigil in honor of those five servicemen.

Channel 3 spoke with a couple folks who came out, including Pastor Terry Harris who says this is a time where the families of these servicemen need support the most as well as the rest of the community that is starting to heal.

Terry Harris, pastor, "What's been a long way away from us certainly has come near to us. The reality that our world is different and now it has affected more people than ever before."

Jeremy Stevens, attended vigil, "I love this community I've got friends and family here and it just goes to show, that you think a place is safe and then something like this happens and you realize we're all just a fragile state."

Some of those that came out Wednesday night are friends of some of the families of those servicemen.  Others who came out are complete strangers. But everyone, regardless of their connection felt the need to show their support and pray. It's just a small reflection of the tightly knit community right here in Chattanooga.

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