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Forgotten Child Fund honors fallen Marines

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The Marines that lost their lives gave a lot of their time not only to protect their community, but to help it thrive by making sure every child had a Christmas; and without the four fallen Marines, the toy drive is making sure they are remembered.

"The thing about these Marines, they're not just out there doing their thing, they're out in the community working all the time,” said Clay Ingle, Forgotten Child Fund.

Christmas' were made better because of four individuals. These Marines served with Toys for Tots, which works closely with the Forgotten Child Fund. "Through that we've become good friends with these Marines, I mean we work with them just about every day during the toy of tots drive and forgotten child fund drive," said Ingle. “We're helping each other pick up each other's toys, we help distribute them. They made us better by some of the advice they were able to give us."

And for everything they gave, the Forgotten Child Fund wants to give back. "We're dedicating the 2015 Forgotten Child toy drive to the honor of the Toys for Tots Marine Corps reserve," said Ingle. "This is the least we can do to show the respect and honor that these young men who gave their life defending our country here in Chattanooga."

The holiday won't be the same while they're missing their friends, who we call heroes, but they hope the legacy of those four Marines, lives on through giving. "There will be a lot of sadness, there will be a lot of happiness, but doing it in their honor; it will be a great year,” Said Ingle. "The main thing that will make it great, though, is not just doing it in their honor, but that some child that might not have gotten a Christmas will get a Christmas because of these gentleman."

If you'd like to donate to Toys for Tots, click here.

Or the Forgotten Child Fund, click here.

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