Sympathy can span many things, and in this case, it spans the 2,660 miles between Port Angeles, WA and Chattanooga.

Residents of the town, which competed against Chattanooga for the 2015 Outside Best Town ever contest, are signing a giant sympathy card in the Port Angeles City Hall, which will be sent to our city once completed.

While the Scenic City won the contest against Port Angeles, people in each city learned a bit more out the other during the contest.

The Peninsula Daily News quoted Lesley Robertson who founded Revitalize Port Angeles, and is one of the town’s biggest fans, saying “We're hoping we get so many people, they might have to print out a couple of banners. Many people feel very strongly on wanting to reach out to them, to show that we're all in this together.” 

Perhaps the headline in the PDN says it best “We're so sorry, Chattanooga.”