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Residents describe FBI presence in Chattanooga neighborhoods

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"I pulled up to my apartment, and there were guys with bulletproof FBI vests everywhere," said Suzanne Taylor, who witnessed the FBI raid an apartment belonging to a friend of the Chattanooga shooter.

Taylor said she had no idea she was living just a couple doors down from someone associated with the gunman who killed four Marines and a sailor last week.

"This guy pulled up in a car actually right in front of my apartment, and then all the FBI guys came over and pulled him out," Taylor explained.

"We go around and talk to everybody we possibly can who may know or have been associated with the shooter," said Ed Reinhold, FBI Special Agent in Charge.

The FBI's first focus was in Hixson's Colonial Shores neighborhood, where the shooter lived with his family. Irene Bailey lives just down the street.

 "The helicopters, the bomb squad, the SWAT team, the squad cars, you know, just endless," Bailey said of law enforcement's presence in the neighborhood over the past week.

Police had the streets blocked for days while the FBI searched the lone gunman's home last week.

 "They had the little robot, went in and took pictures, and then the bomb sniffing dogs," Bailey said.

Five flags now line the long-time Hixson resident's front yard to honor the five servicemen killed in the attack.

Although the quiet street appears normal again, Bailey said neighbors are still swapping stories and noticing extra traffic from "tourists."

"You see someone come in very slowly, kind of look at mailboxes and have on their brakes. They go a little further, and finally you'll see them a few minutes later coming out. You just know," she said.

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