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People jump in line to enlist as recruiting center re-opens

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"It hits very close to home. Very," says Army National Guard Specialist Mickeya Dave.

At one point, Specialist Mickeya Dave worked inside the recruiting center off Lee Highway.
"It was a total shock. It really was for you to get a text message from your sergeant or one of your battle buddies and be like, 'Hey. Turn on the news and look at what's going on.'"

She has been overwhelmed by the response from the Chattanooga community.
"It actually means a lot. It actually shows me how much the city cares for us and really loves us. I never thought that people actually had so much love for the military at all," says Dave.

Channel 3 was there, as one by one, people approached the recruiting center to enlist.
"I'm re-enlisting back into the military. I was in the Army National Guard," says David Hallman. "I joined at 17. And I got out when my daughter was being born. And so I've gotten all my paperwork together now that they are starting to re-enlist prior service and I'm going back into the military."

He says he did not think twice about his decision.

"We've all lost brothers, no matter what branch of service they were in. We're all fighting for the same cause and so I mean there is a lot of sadness in it but I'm excited because now I have everything that I need to be able to go back into the military and be able to go back to serving my country," says Hallman.

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