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Memorial along Amnicola Highway continues to grow

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One by one Eddie Gilbert hammers each wooden stake into the ground. 

Each stake is hand painted and represents the four Marines and one sailor slain in Thursday’s rampage. 

“It’s sad because of what it stands for, what it means, but it’s still America and we’re still proud,” he said. 

As a Marine who served in the 3rd Marine Division during Vietnam, a time where he says many chose not to stand behind our nation’s soldiers, Gilbert makes it a point to thank every service member he can. 

“If they’ve got on a cap or if I see a service sticker on the back of their vehicle, I’m going to thank them for their service. I don’t care what age they are,” he added. 

But since in this case, he can’t show his appreciation with a handshake, he’s chosen a different way. 

“This day and age, if you’re in uniform, you’re in a war zone. No matter where you’re at, it seems to be. We just need someone who will speak for them and speak for all of us,” he said. 

These wooden replicas add to the hundreds of flags, flowers and cards from people of all ages and from all over. All showing support and thanks for the service of Chattanooga’s fallen servicemen. 

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