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#ChattanoogaStrong: The community leans on each other for support

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The events that unfolded Thursday have touched everyone in one way or another and it has brought out the best in our community.

From cards, signs and balloons, to local businesses displaying support, even through song, Chattanoogans are showing strength through big acts of kindness and small. 
"You've got to stick together. If don't, no telling what's going to happen," says Scott Lynn. Scott Lynn was overcome with emotion as he stopped by the Amnicola memorial. 

"I'm here to pay my respects to my fallen comrades," he said, holding back tears. Lynn served in the Army for 39 years, rising to the rank of Sergeant Major. He says the outpouring of love makes him even more proud to have served.
"We're all in there for the same reason, to protect our country. Our families and our country. I don't care what uniform you're wearing," he said.
"Just very proud of our town and this is what our town is. And our country is. We support each other. that makes me very proud to see," said Jennifer Slifko. Slifko paused with her family to pray.
"We need to grab hold of our faith and grab hold of God and come back to that in our country," she said. They released balloons, one for each victim.
"They left home that morning to come and do a job that they did every day, you know, that we take for granted, that they'll be here to protect us. And they gave their lives protecting us," said Slifko.

The National Center for Victims of Crime has opened the National Compassion Fund Chattanooga to support the victims' families. It is the only straight-to-victim fund of its kind in the country.  There are several ways to donate to the National Compassion fund:

Online at nationalcompassionfund.org or text the word 'HOPE' to 84465 to donate $10 via text message.

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