UPDATE: James Hutchins’ sentence was suspended to 90 days unsupervised probation on the first count he was convicted on (inciting to riot). He also must pay a $1,000 fine and complete three days of community service, which he will be allowed to serve in Monroe County, where he lives.

Hutchins was originally charged with disorderly conduct and inciting a riot when he began yelling at a crowd gathered at the Lee Highway Memorial  following the July 2015 terrorist attack where five U.S. military members were slain.

He received 10 days unsupervised probation and a $50 fine for the second conviction (disorderly conduct).

PREVIOUS STORY: A protester from Madisonville is facing charges for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot after he continued to yell at a crowd gathered to honor service members who were killed last week by a lone gunman.

James Hutchins, 60, has posted a $2,000 bond after he was arrested at the Naval recruiting center on Lee Highway Sunday night.

It’s the site where a gunman first opened fire and wounded a U.S. Marine before traveling to a reserve center and killing four U.S. Marines and a U.S. Navy Sailor.

Chattanooga police told Hutchins numerous times that he needed to be respectful as he protested. He argued with police that he had the right to free speech.

The confrontation came to a head after officers approached Hutchins for getting too close to a man he was arguing with. Hutchins responded by referencing a racial slur when a black police officer approached him.

The crowd then began to close in and police took Hutchins into custody.

Hutchins is scheduled to appear in court before Hamilton County General Sessions Court Judge Lila Statom on Aug. 11.