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Hundreds attend St. Peter and Paul Basilica to remember fallen servicemen

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The St. Peter and Paul Basilica was packed with people remembering the lives of 5 servicemen who lost their lives in Thursday's shooting.

Many churches spent the day focusing on the tragic event and spoke of healing. Channel 3 sat in on one of the services.

Hundreds filled the pews, waiting for words of healing.

"There's a lot of unrest and a lot of evil in the world and we've just got to fight it," said Bishop Richard Stika. 

"Evil touches the likes of so many victims. The 4 Marines, the man in the navy the police officer wounded and their families," said Stika.

Bishop Richard Stika says to be sure to not let anger consume you.

"if you allow anger to creep into our hearts with revenge then we become tainted with the same thing we're angry with," said Stika.

But instead, rely on God and each other for comfort during a tragic time.

"It's a powerful witness of faith to have a community come together," said Stika.

And so far, Chattanooga is filling it's heart with nothing but love.

"We've seen Chattanoogans come together like never before and it's uplifting," said U.S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann.

"We will heal, we will get stronger and we will move forward," said Fleischmann.

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