In the wake of Thursday's tragedy, many in our community are looking for ways to offer support, whether it be praying or placing a flag at a memorial. 

One Chattanooga woman is hoping her small act of kindness, sewing quilts for the families of the fallen will go a long way.

"It's our way to honor the soldiers and the time that served and to let their families know that we care about them and we're here to support them," said Stacy Slockbower, . 

Stacy Slockbower, owns the Pins and Needles Quilt Shop in Chattanooga.

A small group of ladies got to work Saturday, doing what they do best, sewing quilts for the families of the five fallen servicemen.

Each stitch, sewn with love.

"They are all patriotic. We have red white and blue quilts. each solider is getting their own memory quilt with their picture, their name's going to be embroidered on them. And they're going to be as personalized as we can make them," said Slockbower, . 

For Slockbower, it's a way to wrap the families in comfort and it's an effort close to her heart. Her 18-year-old son plans to join the military.

"Knowing that he wants to do this is number one, terrifying as a mom, but number two, very proud to know that he wants to serve his country," said Slockbower.

She says it may not be much, but she hopes a quilt made with kindness will spread a message of deep thanks.

"I just hope, that they hope, that they see them and know the sacrifices that are soldiers have made, even if they're not away, they're still making sacrifices everyday for our country," said Slockbower. 
The group is also sewing wall hangings to give to each recruiting center.

Their goal is to have the quilts done within the next month.