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Walnut Street Bridge Memorial Walk

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An outpouring of love and thanks for those first responders continued this weekend.

Channel 3 took a walk on the Walnut Street Bridge downtown, where dozens carried American flags to honor the five fallen military men.

"People always say where were you on September 11? Now they'll be saying where were you on July 16," said Walnut Street Bridge Memorial Walker. 

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Two dates marked by evil. The sign at Yankee Stadium in New York unites our two cities with love. 

The country is with Chattanooga and Chattanooga stands strong.

"This city is always first to give, our hearts runneth over," said Walnut Street Bridge Memorial Walker.

 They walk, flag in arms.

"I'll admit I've cried, because I'm angry and I'm sad for those people and their families," said Walnut Street Bridge Memorial Walker.

Emotions flow and the flags fly.
For Lexi King, this ignites her passion to defend that flag .

"This is what I'm supposed to be doing, this burning fire in the pit of my stomach," said Lexi King.

There's no fear in her eyes. Just an unwavering desire to serve.

"There are still people out there that would do such a terrible thing, such as this. This motivates me to prevent it in any way possible and to protect civilians," said King. 

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