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Local therapist turns to prayer to work through grief

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The hundreds that fill these pews at Olivet Baptist Church come from different walks of life and different backgrounds of faith. 

But tonight, they stand united as Chattanoogans. 

Many still look for the words to describe the loss this community has experienced. As many like Michael Meriweather continue to find some sort of sense in it all. 

“This is our home and when something happens in your home, everybody feels it,” he said. 

As a therapist, it’s Meriweather’s daily job to help others work through grief. 

Tonight, he’s working through his own. 

For him, the hardest part is imagining the Marines final moments. 

“They’re not overseas. They’re not in a war zone, but yet they were killed as if they were,” he added. 

For others, it’s the acts of bravery from Chattanooga Police officers who ran towards danger instead of away. 

As federal investigators search for answers, hundreds like Meriweather turn to their faith speaking through prayer. 

“Everyone is coming together in prayer and just depending on God to get us through this,” he said. 

And take comfort in knowing, we are #ChattanoogaStrong. 

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