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How to talk to your kids about the shooting tragedy

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Julie Baumgardner, the President and CEO with First Things First stopped by 3 Plus You on Friday morning to discuss how you can talk to your kids about the shooting that happened Thursday morning that killed four Marines.  

The most important thing to do is listen and peel yourself away form the television because little children see these videos play and they don't realize this is being repeated. 

They can often be scared because this is happening over and over again and they don't realize they are just re-showing the video that has already taken place earlier in the day. 

So actually setting a limit of how much time you are going to sit in front of a television is a very good thing. 

We as parents have the opportunity to help them process, help them talk about their emotions. 

This is scary, the good news is you have parents, and our job is to protect you and we're going to do the the very best job we know how to do, to make that happen. 

So this is an opportunity, horrible things do tend to bring us together and bring out the best in people. We pull together and we are all banding together and so this gives us an opportunity to talk as families. 

You need to have conversation with your kids when it comes to social media and images and we as parents really do need to limit that access and they don't need to get caught up in looking at that. 

I was thinking about it earlier this morning, in recognizing that the people who lost their lives, I think if they could say something to us, it would be treasure the people you have in your life. Be close to your loved ones and live life to the fullest. 

Don't be glued to technology and glued to the television, get out there and live. Look and talk about all of the people that jumped in there and helped. 

A lot of people came in after hearing Chief Fletcher talk about people who came in on their day off without being asked and came flocking into help. 

We can talk about the people who are here to keep us safe and help us in times of emergency. We can celebrate them because they are heroes and the people that lost their lives, we can talk about how we can celebrate them. 

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