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UTC students concentrate on victims, not shooter's ties to campus

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On the same campus where the shooter graduated in 2012, a memorial is held to honor the people he killed. Four flags were placed at the center of campus in honor of the four U.S. Marines who died in Thursday's shooting.

"I cried, I was mad, I was upset, you see tragedy on the news all the time and you never think it's going to hit your town."
When students on UTC's campus heard four Marines were killed, a Navy sailor critically injured, and a CPD officer was shot, all by a single gunman at the Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Parkway,

"Anger, scared, sadness," said Army veteran Jeremy Bryson.
Especially for the military veterans on campus.

It started with Bryson sending a single tweet and grew into a memorial service for the fallen heroes with more than 100 people in attendance.

The fact that the man responsible for the killings was a 2012 UTC graduate makes it even harder for the University to understand Thursday's events.

"It's a sense of disbelief, how could that happen, and have it be one of our graduates?" said UTC Chancellor Steven Angle, "It makes it even more so."

But the suspect's time here is not what students are concentrating on.

"It doesn't matter to me that he went to school here. This school didn't teach him the radicalism, this school didn't teach him the hate,"Bryson said.

They say their display of support is about the victims, honoring their lives, dedication and service to the community.
Veterans on campus say they're leaning on one another and praying for the grieving families.

"A lot of us have PTSD, a lot of us have other issues, and these type of things trigger those and we need to make sure that our military is taken care of and their family are taken care of," Bryson said.

Also mentioned here at the vigil, there will be counseling services available to all faculty, students and staff at UTC.

They are told to contact the Counseling and Personal Development Center at 423-425-4438. Additional information about the Center can be found here.

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