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UPDATE: Author of yearbook quote condemns action

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We recently reported a quote the gunman chose to put beside his name in his yearbook.  The author of that quote released a statement reading in part:

"I recently became aware that the shooter in Tennessee quoted one of my t-shirt slogans ("My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?") in his high school yearbook. I condemn the actions taken by the shooter. My heartfelt condolences go to the families and loved ones of the victims. Islam doesn't stand for the killing of innocents. It is antithetical to our values."  - HIjabman

UPDATE: We are learning more about Muhammad Abdulazeez and his family. The family lives in the Colonial Shores neighborhood in Hixson.

Many neighbors have told us they seemed like a normal middle-class family. But public documents show allegations of abuse inside the home. 

Federal investigators moved in to the home searching for evidence tied to Thursday's shootings. 

We spoke with a neighbor next door who has known the family since they moved in in 2001. She saw Muhammad this past weekend. He was outside kicking a soccer ball. 

She says she is in utter disbelief as more information comes out about the attack and Muhammad's family. 

"We saw the SWAT team come and they get out of that big dark green truck with all their gear," said Karen Jones.

Karen Jones lives right next door to where 24-year-old Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez grew up and knows his family very well. 

"They were nice neighbors. We enjoyed them. We had been over to dinner at their house they've been in here," said Jones.

She says there were no major signs of anything suspicious with Muhammad until recently. 

"He was nice guy. He was athletic. Good looking. Very smart. And then he has this beard," said Jones.

We stopped by the family's home on Colonial Way Circle. No one was there. 

NBC News reports federal investigators say Abdulazeez's attack may have been inspired by ISIS. 
NBC News has also confirmed his father, Youssuf, who is from the Palestinian territories, was briefly investigated several years ago for possible connections to a terror organization. But that investigation was closed and he was removed from a government watch list. 

Channel 3 has also confirmed the father worked for the city of Chattanooga at the storm water board. We also uncovered divorce papers his wife filed in February of 2009. She said she was beaten by her husband in front of her children and abused. Youssuf told her he planned to take a second wife under Islamic law. 

"I did not know that at all," said Jones.

For jones, whose husband is retired military, flying a flag outside her home takes on a deeper meaning now. 

"We need a lot of help. not just our city, our country," said Jones.

Jones says the family had recently traveled back to the middle east a few summers ago. It is also been confirmed federal investigators are looking into Muhammad's travels to Jordan in the past couple of 

Colonial Shores went from a quiet neighborhood Thursday, to the center of a federal investigation. Public records show Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez's parents purchased a home on Colonial Circle way in 2001.

Neighbors who knew him are in disbelief of what he's accused of doing.

"It's a little unnerving."

"It's extremely scary that he could just fly under the radar like that and then go out to target our military."
The Associated Press captured an image of a woman being taken from the home in handcuffs. Channel 3 has confirmed Abdulazeez went to Red Bank High School. His senior yearbook quote a chilling one: "My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?"

"Shock. He lives two houses down from me."

Neighbor Dean McDaniel says he saw Abdulazeez grow up over the years.

Dean McDaniel, "Seemed like a good kid, quiet kid. not any problems in the neighborhood or anything like that."

He graduated from UTC in 2012 with a degree in electrical engineering. His resume also shows he was an intern at one point at Tennessee Valley Authority and Mohawk Industries. TVA released a statement saying their thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. 

Channel 3 also uncovered Abdulazeez was arrested this past April for DUI.  But there is no indication he was on the radar of U.S.law enforcement.

Dean McDaniel, "It's pretty frightening."

"Everybody just continue to pray for the families."
Law enforcement spent the better part of the afternoon inside the family home of Abdulazeez.  All is pretty quiet now. But this is just the beginning at federal investigators try to get the heart of his exact motive.

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