"The Air Force recruiting building, I walked through those doors in 2009 to join the military."

Those same doors now riddled with bullet holes.

"I'm at a loss for words."

Mathew Spurgen could hardly hold back tears, knowing his fellow brothers would no longer be there.

"I just had to see it.  I had to pay my respects."

A place Spurgen remembers as being the beginning of his career, now a reminder of four Marines' final moments. 

"When you've been in the military, sometimes it does feel like the rest of the nation is not behind you, is not wanting you to be there or do what you were trained to do."

But Chattanooga showed him otherwise, coming together in a time of crisis and showing nothing *but* love.

"That shows me not only is our community strong, but people respect what we do."

Governor Bill Haslam said it best, "Chattanooga responded just how we would have expected with an out pouring of love."