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Chattanooga community gathers for prayer, healing

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As Chattanooga starts to heal some are still trying to understand what unfolded here Thursday.  

Jack Holland, Commander of the Guardian Angels Chattanooga chapter is still trying to make sense of it all. 

"They had every right to come home and be with their families."

His group is a volunteer citizen patrol.. And says his members try to help Chattanooga police whenever they can.

"These guys show us a lot of support, because we try our best not to get in the way, we try to be a valuable asset to any agency we may be in their territory working alongside."

Thursday night that help came in a different way, through prayer.

"It happened to those four Marines and that officer but it happened to all of us as a community. You can't separate yourself from what happened. What happens to one happens to all."

As investigators continue to piece together the unanswered questions that continue to linger, .many like Holland are leaning on each other as they try to heal.

"We have to be together to get through this, and we have to be together find some sort of closure and peace with it."

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