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"I Got It!" - 5-Year-Old Takes First Steps

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(WFLA)  He's 5-years-old, but for the first time little Bryce Harper got to experience what it's like to stand up and walk on his own two feet Tuesday.

"It's amazing to see him stand up...the doctors that worked on him said it would be really hard to get him to stand up. He's standing up. Nothing is going to stop him now," said Bryce's father Jesse Santoro.

Bryce was born with club feet and spina bifida, and as a result he couldn't stand up or walk. Now thanks to Shriners of Tampa, Bryce was fitted with special braces that will help.

"I prayed a long time. Since he was born that if there were a God or something like that he would take my good legs or something good from me to give to him so he could stand up and enjoy the simple things. The Shriners made it possible without any of that because he's standing up," Jesse said while hugging his son.

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