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Crime Stoppers: Neighborhood burglary spree

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It's not your typical Crime Stoppers case. This burglary doesn't take place in a convenience store or a restaurant.  This time it's a neighborhood and police say the suspect hasn't hit just one home, but several.

Lucky for us, one of his targets had a pretty good surveillance camera.  And the images it captured could lead you to a big Crime Stoppers payday.

The residents who've been put on alert are off Webb Road in the Highway 58 area and the hits have been coming in the late night and early morning hours.

Police say he's an older white male and this particular burglary happened June 26th. On this perticular occasion, he's wearing something on his head, a plaid jacket, and is wielding what looks to be a crowbar.  In the pictures, he's on the front porch, just before trying to gain entry into the house.

Does he look familiar? If you know him or anything about the crimes your information could be worth up to a thousand dollars cash.
call Crime Stoppers before he strikes again in this neighborhood or moves on to the next.

The number is 698-3333.

Remember, an officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he'll never ask who you are not even if you get the reward cash.

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