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Storms cause damage along Signal Mtn. Road

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"We were looking at the radar and I told her something was coming and it definitely did," said Scott Snow.

Scott, and his wife, Amber live just minutes from the park, where they play disk golf often. "We came over to check out the damage and we'll probably get some of the local club members out here and try to clean it up," said Scott Snow.

What is normally a beautiful park now looks more like a battle zone, with trees uprooted and limbs littering the field.

The park wasn't the only place to see any damage though. "We were inside, the light started flickering, it was pouring down rain," said one patron at Sofa King Juicy Burger.

More trees were coming down, this time with a tougher landing. "A tree limb went completely through my window, the top got crushed."

The weather left everyone with something to clean up. "It's nature, take it as it comes and do what you can to clean it up," said Snow.

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