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Bradley Co. sees noticeable rise in fatal wrecks, surpassing 2014

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2015 has been a noticeable tragic year for Bradley County, especially when compared to last year.

Channel 3 has uncovered some startling statistics that show a big increase in the number of traffic fatalities in that county.

Fourteen people have been killed so far this year on Bradley County roads. That's a noticeable increase from 2014 when 10 people were killed for the entire year.

"Anytime we have roadway fatalities, traffic fatalities, its a tragic event," said Bradley Co. EMS Lt. Stan Clark.

MOBILE USERS | Map of 2015 Bradley County Fatalities

Stan Clark at Bradley Co. EMS had to bury a fellow first responder just this week. Wallace Varnell was one of three people killed last week on Bradley Co. roads and one of 14 killed all year.

"I guess you could use the word, some of them are freak accidents, there's really no explanation for it," Clark said.

Channel 3 compiled a list of this year's fatalities to see if there's any correlation. We found 12 deaths since April alone. Two involve motorcyclists who were both wearing helmets. Another two involve cars striking and killing pedestrians. And a total of four deaths have occurred on Interstate 75 in Bradley County.

"You may be doing everything you're supposed to be doing but in a split second, that vehicle going on an extreme rate of speed that impacts your vehicle, there's really nothing you can do, you're kinda helpless at that point," Clark explained.

The average age of the victims is 44. And in most cases, the victims had their seat belts.

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