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Corker, Alexander weigh in on nuclear agreement with Iran

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Senators Bob Corker (left) and Lamar Alexander. AP photos Senators Bob Corker (left) and Lamar Alexander. AP photos

U.S. Senator Bob Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, responded to Tuesday's announcement of a nuclear agreement with Iran:
“Throughout these negotiations, I have expressed significant concerns to the administration about the crossing of red line after red line as we have moved from a goal of dismantling Iran’s nuclear capabilities to managing its proliferation,” said Corker. “I want to read the agreement in detail and fully understand it, but I begin from a place of deep skepticism that the deal actually meets the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. In the coming days, Congress will need to scrutinize this deal and answer whether implementing the agreement is worth dismantling our painstakingly-constructed sanctions regime that took more than a decade to establish. Iran continues to be the lead sponsor of terrorism in the world and relieving sanctions would make the Tehran regime flush with cash and could create a more dangerous threat to the United States and its allies.
“Without the passage of our bill, Congress would have had no role in reviewing and voting on an agreement,” added Corker. “Once the president submits to Congress all of the documents associated with this deal, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will conduct a rigorous review during which time congressional sanctions will remain in place. Whatever actions the House and Senate ultimately take, the American people will have a full and open debate that a national security issue of this magnitude deserves.”

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander's office issued an email statement Tuesday morning, which read:

“I am very skeptical, but I will carefully review this complex agreement, listen closely to the Senate debate, and vote based upon what I believe will help keep our country safe.” 

Earlier this year, Alexander voted in favor of bipartisan legislation introduced by Corker that would require Congress to review – and if necessary, reject – any final deal the Obama administration makes with Iran.

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