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Bradley County toddler continuing to make strides towards healing

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A story we've been following for more than a year; 3-year-old Katie Barkley has, yet again, surprised doctors. Doctors have been astonished through every milestone Katie Barkley has hit. The little girl who was thought to be paralyzed on the whole right side of her body is now moving and even singing.

The tragic car accident in Bradley County happened after their car hit black ice, the little girl was left with spine and brain injuries.

Doctors said she'd never walk, but she's proving them wrong. That's only part of her accomplishments. "She's finally gotten her trach out and that was just a few days ago," said Katelyn Barkley.

She credits Katie’s steady recovery to one thing. "Prayer. I pray a lot, and a lot of people pray for her," said Barkley.

Katie's determination is helping too, with the 3-year-old striving to get back to what she was. "I barely have to push and she pushed herself the rest of the way," said Barkley.

She's now working to strengthen her legs so she may one day walk again, and of course, now that the trach is gone, she's warming up her vocal chords too. "She's done really, really well for herself. She's still got that fight in her, thankfully," said Barkley.

The next big goal for little Katie is to get her feeding tube removed.  Her mother, Katelyn, says they're working to get Katie to eat a little bit of food every day.

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