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Mom says her daughter's Minion Happy Meal Toy uses profanity

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A mother in Jasper says she went to a local McDonald's and bought a Happy Meal for her five-year old daughter.  But what she found inside, she says is not meant for children.
For that reason we want to warn you, the audio in this story could be considered offensive to some.

"As soon as it played, I literally about wrecked. The first words was cuss words," Phillips said.

Maggie Phillips is convinced the Minion toy she got in her daughter's Happy Meal is using profanity.

Phillips purchased the toy at a McDonald's restaurant in Kimball.

She says she opened the toy and after hearing its sounds, took it from her daughter immediately.

Phillips is not the only parent concerned. People have complained to McDonald's restaurants across the country.

The fast food chain issued this statement:

"Our goal at McDonald's is to serve up food and fun for our valued customers in the Chattanooga area, and we're glad to have the Minions on board.  The Minion Caveman Happy Meal toy includes 3 sounds:  'para la bukay,' 'hahaha,' and 'eh eh.' We're aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we regret any confusion or offense to those who may have misinterpreted its sounds.  The allegation that this toy is saying anything offensive or profane is not true."

"If we're just hearing what we want to hear then everyone is hearing it," Phillips said in response to their statement.

The Minion in question is the Caveman Minion, one of three different models. McDonald's says it will continue selling the toy.

"McDonald's needs to fix it and pull these toys, whether they think that it's something that we're hearing or not," Phillips said, "Because children are like sponges and they're going to absorbed everything and anything they hear they're going to repeat it."

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