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RAM Clinic Volunteer says she's passionate about helping others

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200 people filed through the doors at Walker Valley High School, hoping to get the medical treatment they needed; but at the end of each appointment, the patients aren't the only ones leaving with a smile.

"They call and they say Elizabeth we need you at such and such clinic and I say, “OK!” I can do that because the whole idea is to make it possible to do as much care as you can for as many people as you can," said Elizabeth Larwood, RAM Volunteer.       

From Louisiana to Tennessee, Nevada, South Dakota, Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri; she's seen it all. "I think that's why they consider me the most traveled, because I've been to so many places with them," said Larwood.

She's been volunteering with the remote area medical clinic for a decade. "I look at the computer and see where they're going to be and I just start applying," said Larwood.

It's become her passion, no matter the circumstances she endures. "Sometimes we sleep in cots in schools, sometimes we sleep in motels. It's according to where we're at and what's available, but it's worth it," said Larwood.

Especially when she knows she's making a difference. "If one person get out of my dental chair and says thank you, that's paid for the whole week trip; whatever it costs me in gas, because I know in some small way, I've changed that person's life,” said Larwood.

If you missed out on this RAM clinic, don't worry, they’ll be back in Tennessee in October.

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