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Grocery shopping becomes easier for Churchville residents

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Scarbrough's Produce off East 3rd has been flooded with customers.

“I got three ears of corn right here for $0.99 and some nice looking grapes,” said Tina Griffin, shopper.
Michael Scarbrough owns the store. This space, that now serves as a produce store for those living in the neighborhood, was once empty.

“I talked to my friend here who owns the building and he offered me the opportunity,” said Michael Scarbrough, owner, Scarbrough’s Produce.

Scarbrough's decision to put his store here has made life easier for folks who live in the area. Before this store arrived, East 3rd was a food desert .

“You got a lot of people going hungry you know? Can’t get out to get food you know, it's hard on them,” Scarbrough says.
Tina Griffin got her hands on some fresh produce. She says without this store she would have to travel miles just to get her fresh fruits and vegetables.

“As far as produce, this is the closest place for any of us to come,” Griffin says.

Scarbrough says all the fruits and vegetables are local. He’s glad to offer healthy options to the community. He says he plans to expand to other areas that are in need of produce stores.

“As long as I can I’m going to bring in fresh cheap produce,” Scarbrough says.

The store is open seven days a week from 9 am-7pm. The store is located at 2001 East 3rd St. Scarbrough plans to open up another store in Alton Park in the next three months.

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