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Remote Area Medical Clinic serves 600 on Saturday

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600 individuals were seen at the Remote Area Medical Clinic in Bradley County on Saturday. Many of them waited over 12 hours to ensure they got the golden ticket.

"It's real irritated, sharp pain and when I started drinking water, I had to start drinking with a straw to bypass the tooth," said Steven Cross.

Cross was determined to get help. "I haven't been able to go to the dentist because I haven't had dental insurance."

He got to Walker Valley High School at 3:30 on Friday afternoon and waited almost 15 hours to be seen. "It's a need people have, people have dental pain and are unfortunately not able to pay for it," said Dr. Jason Blair.

Dr. Blair says a simple cavity could lead to greater health problems down the road. He's happy to help every patient leave with a smile; Cross included. "It makes me feel good that they have something like this for people. If we didn't have this, it'd be bad," said Cross.

RAM is in desperate need of dentists for Sunday, they have just a few over a dozen signed up and need 30 total so they don't have to turn anyone away. If you'd like more information on RAM and how you can volunteer to help, click here.

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