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New Bigoms trial under advisement until September

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A man sentenced to life behind bars for killing and dismembering a woman may get a new trial, but we won't hear a decision until September. 

Tony Bigoms was found guilty last year of killing Chattanooga Dialysis worker Dana Wilkes.

The prosecution put new witnesses on the stand Friday testifying as to why Bigoms should not have a new trial. 

Bigoms' attorney requested a new trial because he says his client was convicted with insufficient evidence that included a warrantless phone search.
The main issue discussed Friday had to do with the jury and any possible outside influences they may have received during the trial, if any.

The jury was sequestered during the week long trial and they were monitored by court officers the majority of that time.

One of the concerns is that the jury may have been able to find out about Bigoms' criminal history, and how he was acquitted of another woman's murder several years prior.

The jury is not allowed to look up anything about the case or discuss it with anyone even amongst themselves except during deliberations.

They didn't have access to their cell phones, except for one family phone call each night, where court officers would give them their phones for a quick five minute call.

Bigoms' attorney argues there's no telling what might have been discussed during those calls.

"We have conversations with a vast majority of jurors every single night, conversations and jury assembly room the day before deliberations and so we have a lot of conversations that are unaccounted for," said Jay Underwood, Bigoms' Attorney.

Channel 3 also heard from the foreman of the jury during the trial who said no one ever discussed any outside information amongst each other.
The judge will make a decision in September.

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