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Harrison man photoshops Lake Winnie logo to promote Gay Day event

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After backlash on social media, the organizer behind Gay Day at Lake Winnie asked that we not identify him. He admits he edited Lake Winnie's logo as part of the event's promotion on Facebook.

“I found one of Lake Winnies old logos on the internet, and it had that phrase on it “Come on Get Happy.”  What I did was I took that and put it in a photoshop thing, and what I marked out the word happy and changed it to gay,”” said organizer who did’t want to be identified.

But it wasn't until he received a take down notice from the park that he says he realized he made a mistake.

“Any individual that tampers with the logo is in violation of federal law,” said Talley Green, Public Relations, Lake Winnepesaukah.

Lake Winnie sent a Facebook message to the organizer requesting him to remove the page. He took it down, but not without hearing from angry followers on Facebook.

“Some of the people are kind of scary,” said Organizer who didn’t want to be identified.

The Gay Day Facebook page has received hundreds of comments,  some positive, many negative. The organizer says the negativity around the logo issue made for a lower turnout than he hoped. Those who did attend say it all took away from what the day is all about.

“The whole purpose of the event is people that are having feelings or urges they don't understand, I want them to come there and meet somebody that went through the same thing,” said Organizer who didn’t want to be identified

Lake Winnie says their issue wasn't with the group or the event, but with the altering of their trademarked logo.

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