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Dangerous afternoon heat/humidity, possible showers Saturday

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Good Friday.  The heat and humidity at this point is more than just a conversation piece.  It is becoming dangerous.  For the next few days heat index values will range from 98 to 102 degrees with actual temperatures in the mid 90s.  With a heat index that high, you want to severely limit your time and physical activity outdoors during the heat of the day.  Between 3pm and 6pm is the time of highest risk.  Some of the dangers are sunstroke and heat cramps or exhaustion.

Today, the ridge of high pressure will stay in control and the temperature will reach 96.  With the ridge of high pressure firmly in control I wouldn't expect any rainfall, just partly cloudy skies.

This weekend, we may actually see some spotty afternoon showers or storms on Saturday.  The rain chance will be 30% which is the best chance we have had in a while.  Sunday will be hot and humid again with a 95 degree high, but rain is not likely Sunday.

Next week, the heat and humidity will stay intense with highs remaining in the 90s.  The high pressure will relax a bit, allowing for some spotty afternoon storms each day.

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