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Grundy County Church burglarized for sound equipment

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The people of Community Harvest Church of God in Grundy County are raising their voices after they were burglarized and their sound equipment and instruments were stolen.

The Grundy County Sheriff's office believes it happened sometime Friday morning. When church members showed up on Sunday morning, they found equipment missing and what was left was in pieces.

"Our monitors sat on each side of the platform," said Jonathan Graham, Associate Pastor for Community Harvest Church of God. "Our cordless mic, our corded mics, guitars, amps, mic stands, monitors, speakers, CD recorders."

All gone. The only evidence of their existence; the wires cut, and left behind.

"I couldn't believe someone had broken into the church, but as it sunk in it was just a numb, sickening feeling that someone would break into the house of God," said Graham.

The thieves got in through a back window and rummaged and ransacked through the entire church.

Now the Community Harvest Church of God will have to replace $6,000 worth of musical equipment, plus the cost to fix the damages.

They're expecting to go several weeks with portable equipment until they're able to replace theirs, and they're praising God in the process.

"Grab a hymn and sing it A Capella. I mean you can make a joyful noise without a piano or something of that nature," said Grundy County Sheriff, Clint Shrum. The Sheriff's department is working around the clock on the case, and hopes to recover the equipment soon.

Church leaders say they plan to get a security system to protect themselves in the future.

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