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UPDATE: SWAT called to residence on Moses Road in Hamilton County

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UPDATE: Many trying to make it home around Moses Road in Hixson were surprised Wednesday when they were met by Hamilton County deputies telling them to turn around. The confusion grew stronger when hours later, deputies and SWAT team members left without anyone in custody.

It all started around 4:30 p.m. from a burglary in progress call. When deputies got there, they were sure if the suspect was still inside. Matt Lea, Public Information Officer for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, says that’s when deputies called in the SWAT team.

“As a precaution, they went ahead and called in the SWAT team and asked them to come and secure the area so they could make a safe and secure entry,” he said. It took two and a half hours for SWAT members to make sure the area around the house was safe before going inside. Lea says the process may be long, but it’s meant to keep everyone safe.

“We take our time, we do everything deliberately and make sure we keep the safety of the public in mind and most importantly the officers as well,” he added. nce inside, SWAT members discovered no one was in the home and ended the operation. Lea says not every situation is handled this way and that the decision is left up the deputies on scene. In this situation, deputies needed to keep the public and themselves as safe as possible because deputies knew it could turn very dangerous very quickly. 

“We want to make sure the public around the residence or whatever the area in question is secure. We want to look for people’s safety and make sure there aren’t any children in the area and that no one can drive through the scene,” Lea said.

Officials tell Channel 3 they are not searching for anyone at this time. 

What started out as a burglary in progress around 4:15pm Wednesday became a SWAT situation on Moses Road in Hamilton County. 

According to the 911 website officers were dispatched to the area for a burglary in progress call.  Deputies didn't know if anyone was still inside when they arrived, so the decision was made to call in SWAT as a precaution to secure the area and make safe entry. Around 8:10pm they made entry and found no one inside. 


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